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Ric Neyer

"When I was young I used to listen to the radio waiting for my favorite song; when it played I'd sing along. It made me smile." (Richard Carpenter / John Bettis)

As far back as I can remember, music has been important in my life; from singing holiday carols, sitting in a rocker by the pool listening to AM radio, to hours of albums on Sunday mornings. My first instrument was the trumpet in grade school, and later enjoyed playing in the high school marching band.

Over the years I have developed a varied taste in music and I enjoy most styles. Music enhances my life and controls it when necessary, it revs me when I want it and calms me when I need it, as well as gives me things to think about.

As an adult, in a new city, among a new group of friends, I found a real love for rhythm. We learned to play drums around drum circles and at gatherings; eventually performing with Tribalaka, then Spiral Rhythm. I have also been privileged to perform as a member of Skyypilot, as well as record with Heather Jinmaku and Tua Tha Dea.

Although Spiral Rhythm has evolved, we still share the feel of the drum circle and gather energy through our music and performances.

Musical favs: Johnny Mathis, Petula Clark, Neil Diamond, RUSH, Kansas, 60's 70's pop, 70's Classic Rock, 80's (duh), dance

"Music enhances life's soundtrack" - Ric Neyer

Our Story

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