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Spiral Rhythm is a pagan band celebrating spirit with song.  For over two decades these friends have evolved  a unique sound.  Their performances are designed to build community and get people dancing!

Spiral Rhythm - 1 liner:

A pagan band with multi-textured chants, explosive drums; Spiral Rhythm raises the spirit through voice and song.

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Spiral Rhythm has been creating magic for over two decades. The group began singing at bonfires, gatherings, and festivals.  Over time they have  evolved and changed, but their goal has always been the same - to raise the spirit through voice and song.  their performances are designed to build community and get people dancing!

The group features:
Kerri Upton, Kiki Williamson,
Ric Neyer, Jon Skoglund,
Kira Lang & Richard Williamson

A vast majority of their songs are original and all of their music is a co-creative effort.

Spirit music, indeed!

Spiral Rhythm reviews:

"Spiral Rhythm puts a beat in my feet and that rises up my legs into my core and my voice. They leave me no choice but to sing and dance along with their songs of celebration of the earth, and worship of the Old Ones." --Arthur Hinds,

"Spiral Rhythm not only brings to a festival the beautiful sounds of goddess music. They also contribute to the community as well. Always gracious , fun- loving and willing to lend a hand in ritual and workshops, Spiral Rhythm easily became a beloved part of our phamily." --Trisha Parker Goodrich..... Phoenix Phyre,


"Spiral Rhythm harnesses the power of intention and community in their songs. By the time their set is over, everyone listening has worked magic together, bringing us all closer together. I work with the band because their joy and love for their work is a tangible thing, and it transforms our audience into pure joy. A Spiral Rhythm show is a love song to the spirit of a pagan, and the heart of every human" -- Amanda Bell,

"Spiral Rhythm’s music is some of the most accessible I’ve experienced at any live show in the past five years: welcoming, straightforward, and galvanizing.  I dare you not to dance." --S. J. Tucker,

"Love, love, LOVE Spiral Rhythm.  Their perfect blend of voices, lyrics that speak to my soul, and tribal rhythms make my feet move and my spirit soar." -- Mama Gina,

"It's not a festival until I see Spiral Rhythm perform. Between making fellow musicians feel like family and every venue feel like home, it just wouldn't be the same without them. Their songs have made me laugh, dance, and cry... sometimes all at the same time. They are a treasure." --Jessica Klockau, Sentinel Grove

"Spiral Rhythm brings sacred songs that raise energy and uplift hearts to your event. Fun, friendly and rocking great music, I often find myself scrolling their calendar to decide what festivals I want to attend. I don't mean to be a fan girl. I just am." --Belladonna Laveau,  Aquarian Tabernacle Church

"The primal music of Spiral Rhythm resonates with the earthy heartbeat of the Pagan soul." -- William Brigley,

"Spiral Rhythm is an amazing group - Beautiful voices, magical harmony and toe tapping rhythms - Go see this group - you'll be glad you did!" -- Rusty Werner

"There was an amazing sense of joy and community when I saw you perform at Pagan Pride last year. The gathering itself had an overall positive vibe, but it was your music that drew me, and even though I'm pretty shy and standoffish in real life, I couldn't help but to come up and dance at least a little, and share a few smiles with others in the audience. That was my first visit to Pagan Pride, so there were a lot of new sights and experiences, but hearing Spiral Rhythm and feeling that togetherness with the musicians and the other listeners is what I remember most." --Leigh Sabine

"Life can be joyful and life can be hard, when facing each day's challenges and success it is awesome to have such a playlist as the one Spiral Rhythm produces. I can be in the deepest measures of despair and see that they are posting that they will be playing for us and immediately I received this energy burst that can only be explained by the combined love and enthusiasm of the musician artists of this fabulous group! Everytime I listen to the music I have a feeling of immense satisfaction that my soul has been reached to the deepest depths and refreshed in a way that no other could provide. The celebration provided in the name of the goddess is immense, pure, and refreshing." -- Patricia Ann Marie Foxx