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Jon Skoglund

Born in Chicago Illinois 1966, living now in beautiful Georgia near Atlanta...Bubba Geisha, "The Glamour Shaman", "Redneck Courtesan" "Silk Road Pimp Daddy" and Divine fool.  Jon is the culmination of decades of work and life, not the least of which is his involvement Spiral Rhythm, being one of the remaining 4 original members from its inception over two decades ago.  Through the years Jon has been heavily influenced by many things in addition to his experience with the Spiral Rhythm.  An artist, drummer, singer, dancer, sometime comedian and shaman, his influences range from decades of exposure to Classical and Neo-Pagan Teachings, Dionysian Mysteries, Modern Pantheistic Ideals, Mahayana Buddhism, Gnostic Teachings, as well as much experience with various energy work ranging from Reiki, Pranic Healing Meditations and Chi work.

A decade ago Jon took a spiritual sabbatical from the stage and from being an active member of Spiral Rhythm, taking a more supportive role ranging from audience cheerleader, baby sitter and heavy lifting when needed, during this time Jon traveled to and through many dark places of transformation and finally emerged with his light intact and renewed! Bubba Geisha, The Glamour Shaman, was born from his journey.

It has been three years now since Jon has returned to the stage and to Spiral Rhythm as an active member...reprising his role as "Force of Nature"!  Few things in this life give Jon the peace and power and the pleasure as he experiences being on stage with his chosen family, "Shaking the pillars of heaven and earth, singing with our voices strong, our hearts full and sharing those feelings openly, hopefully to inspire others to celebrate spirit with us!...The Deities themselves, in their many forms hear us and celebrate with us, because that's how we roll!"

Jon AKA:
Bubba Geisha, "The Glamour Shaman", "Redneck Courtesan", "Silk Road Pimp Daddy" and Divine fool

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