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Our Approach

Spiral Rhythm

Spiral Rhythm is a group of friends that have been singing together for over two decades. They began singing at bonfires, gatherings, and festivals.  Over time they have developed a unique sound complete with deep, multi-textured chants and explosive drums.  Spiral Rhythm has evolved and changed, but their goal has always been the same-to raise the spirit through voice and song.

The group features:
Kerri Upton, Kiki Williamson,
Ric Neyer, Jon Skoglund,
Kira Lang & Richard Williamson

A vast majority of our songs are original and all of our music is a co-creative effort.

Spirit music, indeed!

Spiral Rhythm, as well as individual band members, offer a variety of workshops and rituals.


Our Story

Spiral Rhythm

Spiral Rhythm