Streaming concert Benefit

March 16th, 2019


pay what you want concert + rewards for tipping


Hey, Where’d the Trailer Go?

When we decided that it was time to start replacing our sound equipment, what we meant was slowly, a little at a time. Apparently the Universe decided that it should happen all at once, and to that end sent some heinous trailer thieves to nab our trailer and everything in it.

Umm...thanks, Universe?

Yup, you read that correctly, our trailer was stolen!

All of our sound equipment, quite a few instruments and drums, and even some of Kerri and PJ’s business merch are gone with the wind.

With our show season fast approaching and several gigs booked, we find ourselves in a predicament and we’re reaching out to you, our beloved community, to keep the music playing.

We need, at a minimum, to replace microphones, sound board, speakers, cables, and stands before our first performance (coming up like a bullet train in March, eek!), which we cannot, alas, do for a song.

Every donation helps us get back on our feet, as does spreading the word by sharing or purchasing merchandise directly from us. Thanks in advance for whatever assistance you can give!